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About Erin

My Foundation


From an early age I understood the importance of space and home. Raised by the heart of an organizer (my mom), the soul of a thrifter (my stepmom) and the spirit of an artist (my dad), I know in my bones the power of combining these gifts to assist people in building beautiful and well organized spaces on a budget. At times, my bedroom was the only place I felt safe to truly explore who I was and what I wanted. I believe this is where my love affair with space began and my experiences in my community allowed these gifts to flourish. Growing up in Nebraska, I was deeply influenced by the community of educators, activists, counselors, quilters, directors, spirit workers and business owners who taught me the power of a genuine work ethic. This is my foundation.

What I Know


I know how much stuff (literal and metaphorical) homes hold for individuals and families. I know how much support is required for people to not just live in their space but thrive in their space. How space holds grief and joy. I know the power of a room to make us feel whole. I know how to do a lot with very little.


I came to this work with a deep love of space and design and have since discovered how life changing this work can truly be. What started as a hobby in my own spaces-working with tight budgets and very little space-turned into my life’s work. I’m so excited to share my wisdom and experience to meet you exactly where you are.


My Experience

In 2021 I completed my Masters of Divinity from Eden Theological Seminary where I received training to become a minister and liberation theologian.  During my four years in seminary I worked at a furniture bank, as a disability support provider and in a sanctuary church which furthered my commitment to the power of space and its intersections with justice. Equally important is my life training in homes as a caretaker of children, house manager, cleaner and home organizer. Home, space and advocacy are all interwoven to me and I seek to bring this wealth of experience into my work with clients and communities I partner with. 


Currently I am a member of Professional Organizer and Accelerator where I seek accountability with other professionals for this work that centers and celebrates equity and dismantling systems of oppression. I have training in the Mari-Kondo method, safe & sacred ritual and pastoral care.

My Commitments

Our homes are tied to our intersectional histories of class, privilege, race, grief, colonialism, ableism, our bodies, gender and ultimately stories we carry with us. What is clear to me is this work is not just about decluttering but ultimately our relationship to the earth, healing and awakening to our own healing work. My deepest desire is this work assists in building spaces & communities that divest from messages of more is better, design is expensive and ownership is the ultimate goal. A portion of all income goes towards organizations working with the unhoused, BIPOC led organizations, and environmental preservation of protected land.

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