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Welcome to the 8th Space. Where we live out the phrase: Nothing is perfect, but everyone is ready. Thank you for visiting our site and supporting a local business. 


No matter your budget or square footage, design and organization shouldn’t require your life savings or a thousand trips to the container store. Let the 8th Space accompany you in building the space you are ready to build using sacred and practical methods. There is a space waiting to emerge within and around you, using exactly what you have. You ready?

Erin Outson, founder, storyteller and sacred space worker, believes our spaces are extensions of our energy fields. Our spaces tell us where we are and where we’ve been. So when we invite others into our spaces to help organize, design and move our stuff around it brings up a lot!


Let the 8th Space provide compassionate, creative and sustainable services that meet you exactly where you are, to build the space you are ready for at this moment in time. Learn more


Here is our process for starting our work together:


Step 1) Consult and Fittingness: The first step in the process is a 30 minute consult (free of charge) to make sure we are a good fit and to learn more about your space. 

Step 2) Proposal/Invoice: Next, you will receive a proposal that includes a contract and invoice if we decide to work together. 

Step 3) First Session: After receiving the first payment we will meet either in person or virtually to begin working with your space!


Erin brings a kind, nonjudgmental presence that really helped me to ground, connect with Spirit, and call in the home I want to have. She helped me overcome the anxiety that was holding me back from de-cluttering by being present, offering ritual, and guiding me through practical steps. She also helped me re-decorate my apartment on a very limited budget! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for support in making their home a place where they truly feel at peace.- A.

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